An Enduring New Compass

Did you know that 1 in 8 people have at least one chronic condition which profoundly limits their ability to function in their everyday lives? Over 90 percent of these illnesses are invisible to those around them meaning you might have no idea the people you live, work and interact with daily are suffering.  While these illnesses can be very debilitating, with the proper tools and support, the people who have them can dramatically improve their capacity to live at their best.

An Enduring New Compass is a non-profit organization that will match this challenged group with life/health/wellness coaches and provide other badly needed resources.  We will be actively working with coaches and clients to make sure those who are chronically ill are able to get the help they need, free of charge or at a reduced rate?  Subsidizing their care costs is exceedingly important in that people who suffer from chronic illness also tend to suffer from chronic money issues which limits the help they can get.  Please join us in our fight to help this often-forgotten group of people find a way to see a positive, active, future for themselves.

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Oregon Foster Families First

Advocating for Oregon’s most vulnerable children, to end the status quo and fix the broken system.

Oregon Foster Families First is a grassroots coalition of foster families, child advocates and community leaders committed to raising awareness about the crisis facing foster families and children in their care. They provide public policy education and advocacy to raise awareness of the issues facing foster families and children in their care.

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Wilsonville Public Library Foundation

The Wilsonville Public Library Foundation helps the Library thrive. Through fundraising we support special programs for all ages at the Library. We fund programs that ignite a passion for reading in young children, fire up the imagination through science of school age children, simulate lifelong learning and develop early literacy through outreach.

Programs include: Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and Science Adventure for children; outreach to children and caregivers at day care sites; History Pub and Curiosity Café for adults. Find out more at our website:

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8200 SW Wilsonville Road
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070 US



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