Ribbon Cuttings & Ground Breakings

Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting & Ground Breaking Procedure

Updated April 6, 2013

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies and Ground Breaking Events are an exclusive benefit of membership.  There is no charge for this benefit.  This service helps our members get the word out that they are “open for business” or have just expanded their business.  Any member conducting a Ribbon Cutting without the Chamber’s involvement will be promoted as an Open House.  If a member business prefers to arrange their own event, the chamber’s ceremonial scissors may be rented for $50 per event.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies and Ground Breaking Events are a benefit to chamber members who have just opened a new business, for a business moving to a new location, a business that has new owners, or a major building expansion or renovation.  The Ribbon Cutting must take place within 6 months of one of these activities to qualify.  Ribbon Cuttings are not held for businesses just because they have joined the Chamber.

Ribbon Cuttings and Ground Breaking Events are typically scheduled during a Morning Spark or Last Call networking event.  These are often booked 2-3 months in advance, so please schedule your event as soon as possible.  We request a minimum of 30 days advanced notice to conduct a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  This is to ensure proper notice can go out to members, elected officials and chamber board can schedule the event on their calendars, and for staff to plan other activities around the event.  We will not hold a Ribbon Cutting or Ground Breaking on the same day as any regularly scheduled Chamber event or Board meeting or on weekends.  The Chamber cannot guarantee the attendance of elected officials at your event.

Approximately one week before the event, the Membership Services Director will contact the member again to confirm arrangements.

On the day of the event, a chamber staff person will arrive prior to the start time with the ceremonial giant scissors, 3” wide red ribbon, and camera.  The chamber cannot be held responsible for technical/mechanical failure of the camera, photo processing, or software.

The chamber staff person will assist with organizing the volunteer ambassador team at the event. Our staff does not coordinate catering services or guest lists.

Just before the ribbon is actually cut, we take a photo for publication in the chamber e-newsletter and website. Members are encouraged to also take photos.

The Ribbon Cutting photo is sent in an electronic to the member for their use as a promotional piece. The photo will be submitted by chamber staff to the Wilsonville Spokesman and Oregonian, however there is no guarantee it will be published.

Tips for a Successful Ribbon Cutting

The More the Merrier…

While the Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce invites elected officials, Chamber Board and Ambassadors, general membership, and the local media (Wilsonville Spokesman and the Oregonian) we encourage businesses to invite clients, vendors, neighboring businesses, family and friends to Ribbon Cuttings. This is not only to have a large gathering for photo opportunities; it enables the business to showcase its assets to more people in the community.

Celebrate and Decorate…

Celebrate this great event by having festive décor—balloons and company signage not only draw attention to your business, it brings a celebratory spirit to the ceremony and makes it easier for attendees to locate your business.

Open up…

Give guests a brief tour of your company and explain its function. You may never know what this can do for making business contacts in the future!


Make sure to be well prepared to speak and explain your businesses products or services to the attendees.  This event is one of your first opportunities to make an impression on your peers and fellow members.  Try to coordinate as many staff members to be present as possible to help put names with faces.

Ribbon Cutting Schedule

**The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is held typically as a portion of a regular networking event.**

  •     Ambassador emcee leads the event.
  •     Mayor, or city council representative, speaks.
  •     Chamber President, or board member, speaks.
  •     **Business owner speaks now if did not during earlier part of the networking program**
  •     Attendees gather near business signage behind ribbon.
  •     Business owners are encouraged to share the handling of the scissors.
  •     Ribbon is held by business staff, city officials, or chamber board/ambassadors (this is up to the host business).
  •     Chamber staff will arrange participants in the photo and count down to the cutting of the ribbon.
  •     Photo is taken by chamber staff immediately before ribbon is cut.